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  • We help you pour a draught beer that looks

    and tastes exactly like the brewer intended.


    Keeps you Up to Date

    Gov Reg™ is the latest innovation

     in pressure regulation. Its unique

    inline design is based on proven

    medical technology for high

    precision and durability.

    Easy to Install

    Gov Reg™ attaches inline to gas port of the keg coupler, gas manifold, or ball lock valve.

    No mounting on a wall!  

    No drilling holes in keg boxes or counters!

    Set it & Forget it

    Gov Reg™ patented technology

    will accurately maintain your desired pressure setting with no creep.  

    And it's tamperproof!


    Gov Reg™ vs Ordinary Secondary Pressure Regulators

    The traditional approach with ordinary secondary pressure regulators is a guessing game to determine the right balance of pressure and temperature.  We take an entirely different approach - divide and conquer!  This makes it far easier for you to diagnose and fix dispense problems.

    Gov Reg - How It Works (pdf)



    Getting Started is Easy!

    1.   Order a Starter Kit 
    2.   Set the proper pressure and install the  Gov Reg™
    3.   Pour your beer 



    “We haven't been monitoring the Gov Regs very closely because we haven't had any issues. Early on we double checked the accuracy and it seemed to be spot on. It seems to be staying that way because there has been zero pressure related issues. I'm a fan!”

    Josh Van Zee

    New Belgium Brewing


    “I have Gov Regs in the field on draft systems and just ordered more. Each of these are working great! Installation is easy and tuning is straight forward. Not needing to drill holes in the back of a kegerator to mount a large secondary saves me time and keeps clients from changing the proper presets. I'm a big fan!”

    Jared Gustafson

    Co-Founder Kombucha On Tap, LLC

    Who is using the gov reg™?


    New products are coming soon!

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